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Silver Spring’s Cuneiform Records Is Hosting a Festival…

...but it's in Baltimore. Nevertheless, Cuneiform's two-day festival is worth the drive north, assuming you're into experimental rock or forward-thinking jazz.
Nov. 19 is the festival's rock day, and the lineup includes Alec K. Redfearn & the Sore Eyes, Upsilon Acrux, Afuche, Zevious, Hamster Theatre, and Thinking Plague. This show is at Orion Studios, and starts [...]

Photos: Zevious @ Orion Sound Studios

Zevious and Seabrook Power Plant were a perfect pair at Baltimore's Orion Sound Studios on Saturday night, each bringing a viciously complex brand of mathy rock to the table. Zevious' compositions stood out, building enormous tension and proving to be much more than just an exercise in counting out weird rhythms. Seabrook Power Plant was [...]

Your Weekend in Experimental Music: Zevious, Boom Tic Boom

Tomorrow: Although the guitar trio Zevious started off as a jazz combo, it quickly spiced up its compositions with strong hints of math rock, complex prog, and even a touch of technical metal. The group recently released its latest album, After the Air Raid, on Cuneiform Records, a perfect fit if there ever was one. [...]