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ToDo ToDay: Washed Out, Pure Tango II, and Rare Fish

Washed Out’s 2009 chillwave anthem “Feel It All Around” will transport IFC viewers to sepia-hued nirvana for as long as Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein keep it in the title sequence of Portlandia, but on his 2013 Paracosm, the artist known to his parents as Ernest Greene has more ambitious tonal priorities. The seasick ’80s-ish synths haven’t [...]

ToDo ToDay: Camp 14 and an Asian-Influenced Beer Dinner

Marc Wiese’s documentary Camp 14: Total Control Zone tells the story of Shin Dong-Huyk, a man born to political prisoners in a North Korean prison camp. Shin spent the first two decades of his life at Camp 14, a labor camp with 40,000 lifetime prisoners, before escaping to South Korea. Enhanced by animation and shocking video, Camp 14 may [...]

ToDo ToDay: Phosphorescent, Waka Flocka Flame, and Cheap Pho

The first thing you notice about Phosphorescent, the alias of singer/songwriter Matthew Houck, is his creaky country voice. When he holds a note too long, it breaks, emitting a weariness that suits his songs of travel and regret. Born in Alabama and making his name in Georgia, Phosphorescent adds a Southern slant to his melancholic, [...]

ToDo ToDay: CocoRosie, Alexandria Film Festival, and Bondage

Several years ago CocoRosie was called “freak folk,” lumped in with the likes of Animal Collective, Devendra Banhart, and Joanna Newsom. But Sierra and Bianca Casady’s oddness transcends invented music trends. Known for its eclectic appropriation of styles and cultures, CocoRosie has long been the subject of debates about artistic creativity and mixing cuteness with [...]

ToDo ToDay: Humble Fire and Priests! Norma Rae!

A great Fort Reno show requires variety, and tonight's lineup with punk wailers Priests, dream-rock act Humble Fire, and punk-rock duo The Accidentals provides exactly that. Even better, tonight’s performance is Fort Reno's 10th annual “Night of 1000 Cakes,” and baked goods will be in abundance. Read more >>> Humble Fire performs with Priests and The Accidentals at 7:15 p.m. [...]

Arts Roundup: Top Chef Edition

Hiya, readers. It's Thursday! Make it through today and we're into Friday, everybody's favorite day of the week. And if you want to start the party early, come celebrate our just-published Summer Music Guide with us tonight at the Rock & Roll Hotel. It's free, and the top three readers picks for Best Local Band [...]