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Don’t Be Bored: Awesome Tapes From Africa, and Other Awesome Things

Cassette tapes are not particularly DJ-friendly. Tracks aren’t easily separated, and, well, tapes aren’t really the go-to medium these days. But Brian Shimkovitz, founder of the blog Awesome Tapes From Africa and a new record label, is undaunted. The ethnomusicologist-cum-DJ, who picked up many of his tapes while researching on a Fulbright grant in Ghana, [...]

Arts Roundup: Tally of the Dolls Edition

You Know You're a Molly if...: As far as cloying Monica Hesse topics go, American Girls dolls are way less annoying than, you know, transplanted New Yorkers who hate paying sales tax on newspapers, but I at least was able to make it through the latter article. Her American Girls anthropology in today's WaPo Style [...]

Photos: Yuck and Tame Impala @ Black Cat

At South by Southwest this year, the band Yuck's big, shoegaze-y sound had a lot of folks buzzing it being the next big thing. "Georgia," off Yuck's self-titled debut, runs a super-catchy pop melody across shredding and distorted guitars. Sadly, the band's opening slot Friday at the Black Cat showed "Georgia" is the lone standout. Redundant [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: The D.C. Film Office’s New (Old) Boss, Bobby Muncy’s Gig Woes, Philip Guston

Benjamin R. Freed leads off this week's arts section with a look at the D.C. film office and whether the local filmmakers' outrage over the appointment of Crystal Palmer to lead the agency was worth the fuss. Michael J. West reports on the U Street NW restaurant U-Topia's firing of its Wednesday-night jazz act, the Bobby [...]