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The Breaks: The Week in Local Hip-Hop

A Northeast rapper echoes D'Angelo's "black lives matter" statement.

To: You is a Big Step Forward for the Other Guys’ Rap Game

"People wanna be us or fuck us, but not around others/No respect for us, meanwhile, adore what we do."

Listen to “First Step,” the First Single From Diamond District’s March on Washington

It's been five years since the Diamond District released its stellar—dare I say classic?—debut album, In the Ruff, an astute depiction of young black Washington. Rappers Oddisee, Uptown XO and yU cut through the national euphoria of ushered in by President Barack Obama's new administration, by discussing the civic plight occuring just blocks from the White House. The rats. The tenements. [...]

yU Honors His Late Father on “Never Burning Out”

It doesn't take long to discover the real yU, the understated musician who cares deeply about things closest to him—family, close friends, and providing for his kids. That spirit shines through yU's music, whether he recalls his Suitland, Md., roots or spits aggressive survival rhymes with Diamond District comrades Oddisee and Uptown XO.
Released today, yU pays [...]

Homeboy Sandman Will Never Be on the Radio, and He’s Fine With That

I don't know why I keep playing this new Homeboy Sandman track. It's called "Atlantis" and it isn't overly awesome. The beat, produced by Blu, sounds like an old loop from the Police, so you might get funny looks if you blast it from the car.
But the song is just—dope.
It's catchy as hell and I [...]

The Breaks: DMV Hip-Hop Happenings From the Short Week

It’s been a short week—thanks, Memorial Day! May’s final installment of the Breaks features a laid-back groove from yU, a new video from Black Zheep DZ, and a weekend appearance by the legendary producer, rapper, and DJ Large Professor. These are the breaks.
Dreaming with yU
Over the holiday weekend, Mello Music Group shared "Dreams," a summery, Sunday-appropriate [...]

On “OohLahdHard,” yU Remembers the Good Times

yU has always been a solid MC, yet somewhere along the way, he became a good producer, too. His 2011 instrumental album, A Garbage Beat Tape, came out of nowhere as a 23-track collection of short funk breaks and muffled soul. (I can't speak for y'all, but I didn't know yU had beats until that project.)
From [...]

Listen: XO’s Takeover Part 2

Diamond District rapper Uptown XO has been quiet recently, a surprise given the steady stream of music he usually puts out. But that's likely to change in the coming months: Diamond District is putting final touches on its long-awaited sophomore album, March on Washington, and group member yU is slated to drop a collaborative LP with producer SlimKat as The [...]

Listen: yU and Oddisee on the Mandala Compilations

Follow yU on Instagram and you'll get a lot of breakbeats, obscure artwork, and family portraits. But occasionally the Suitland, Md., rapper will post brief clips of music, many of which I hope end up on a few projects somewhere. There's this song called "Stargazing." Then there's this track, "Thickening," that I wanna use as my own personal theme [...]

DMV Beats: Glizzy’s Shyness, Visto’s Issues, and the Return of Kingpen Slim

The View From Glizzy's Block
The Shy in Shy Glizzy stands for Streets Hottest Youngin, but it's been noted that he's soft spoken in person—and there's some definite shyness going on in this interview, done right in the heart of his 37th Street SE neighborhood. His musical persona remains as brash and quasivillainous as ever, though. [...]