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Jazz Setlist, Dec. 10-16: Five Spot Edition

So much good jazz this week, we had to extend the Setlist.

Rosslyn Jazz Festival: Jazz Setlist, Sept. 4-10

This might be the best year yet for the 24-years-running jazz fest across the Potomac.

Jazz Setlist, January 9-15: Potpourri

Thursday, Jan. 9
There are often (but not always) two separate audiences for vocal jazz and instrumental jazz, and it may seem as though the newly established Dukem Jazz is aiming for the former. After all, its first month of existence was entirely given over to singers, Akua Allrich and Sharon Clark. Admittedly, both of these [...]

Jazz Setlist, January 3-9: Shit D.C. Jazz Musicians Play

Happy New Year, folks! Thought I'd ring in 2013 with a headline that screams 2011. That said, two of my picks below feature D.C. jazz musicians, so it works, right?

Friday, Jan. 4
We don't hear enough from the trio that jump-started the new Silver Age of D.C. jazz. Yes, it was The Young Lions who in [...]

Jazz Setlist, June 14-20: Post-Fest

Friday, June 15
The clear, soulful voice of Akua Allrich is the primary reason to go hear her, of course. She's a warm, powerful presence whose singing talents are too vast to be constrained to jazz. (I've suggested neo-soul was a major part of her repertoire in the past, but the global elements in her music [...]

Jazz Setlist, Feb. 3-9: The Sounding of Trumpets Pianos

Damnation, D.C.! The Christian Scott performance at Wolf Trap tonight has been canceled! This was going to be the week's big pick! With a big, glorious photograph of Scott playing trumpet to accompany! Oh, sure, there's plenty of other good stuff for the week, but still.
Thursday, Feb. 3
As jazz piano develops in increasingly abstract and [...]

Cafe Nema Closing Tomorrow

Update 11:34 AM: Although advertisements for the final night of live music were still on display this morning, Capitalbop reports that last night was actually the final gig. Cafe Nema will be open only for food and drink on Monday and Tuesday.

Prince of Petworth reported it as a rumor last week. This morning, a sign [...]

Jazz Setlist, July 29-Aug. 4: Cyrus Chestnut, The Young Lions, and More

Thursday, July 29
We've discussed before the deep vein of gospel that runs through Baltimore jazz. Well, meet the furthest exponent of that style: Cyrus Chestnut. A highly esteemed, technically dazzling mainstream pianist, Chestnut's inspirational roots couldn't be suppressed with a steam shovel; the church seems to glow through the tips of his fingers, and you [...]

Jazz Setlist, May 6-12: Cancellation Consolations

Alas! Originally scheduled this weekend was what promised to be one of the coolest concerts in memory: the legendary Benny Golson, tenor saxophonist and composer extraordinaire, in the bustling-yet-intimate atmosphere of Bohemian Caverns. Benny canceled. A bummer, since he was by far the biggest show of the week. But we can take heart in the [...]

Jazz Setlist: New Year’s Eve Special

Setlist normally tries to stick with one jazz event per evening. But most evenings aren't New Year's Eve, where we'll all be out on the town and wondering what our options are. So, as a Washingtonian and a jazz nerd, it is my duty to tell you that the options are many.
Dec. 31
The District's strongest [...]