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Playlist: My President Is Back

Themed playlists can be brilliant but a lot of themed playlists can go to hell. They're like cooking challenges with mandatory lavender. Cute trick, bro, but what am I supposed to feel?
I hadn’t brushed up on the local races, and I even considered not voting given the overwhelmingly pro-Obama electorate in the District. At the [...]

We Up at Stadium: 7 Rap Tracks About D.C.’s Glitziest Strip Club

All strip clubs are not created equal, and in D.C. one pole reigns supreme: Stadium Club. The news that the upscale Queens Chapel Road NE strip joint will become the backdrop of a new reality TV series isn't so surprising, at least to anyone who's been following along. Fine cigars, ridiculous liquor markups, a shit-ton of [...]

Arts Roundup: Local Celebrity Edition

Young Jeezy shouldn't hold his breath waiting for an invitation to the White House. [Post]
A critique of the new Hewlett Packard-designed social-media exhibit at the Newseum [DCist]
"Make It Mount Pleasant," a neighborhood craft fair, needs vendors. [The 42]
Phil Kennicott reviews the National Building Museum's new five-year exhibit "House & Home." [Post]
Veep gets a second season [...]