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DC Jazz Festival, Night 6: Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra With Yotam Silberstein

Update 3:32 PM: According to festival producer Charlie Fishman, the DCJF's listing of a 10:30 PM master class is a typographical error. The class actually occurred at 10:30 AM this morning.
The core of the DC Jazz Festival has been for a few years now the Dizzy Gillespie All-Stars. They pop up in various configurations from [...]

DC Jazz Festival: Moody’s Mystery

Where was Moody? That's the mystery.
Actually, the physical whereabouts of James Moody, 85, were well-known, even though the saxophonist/flutist wasn't present at the Lincoln Theatre last night for the NEA Jazz Masters' tribute to him. "James recently had a surgical procedure done," DCJF producer Charlie Fishman explained from the stage. "So unfortunately he couldn't be [...]

DC Jazz Festival: NEA Jazz Masters Concert

"This will be a taste of things to come," Charlie Fishman, the DC Jazz Festival's founder and producer, told the crowd of VIPs assembled at the Mandarin Oriental for last night's festival gala. He meant it literally. The lineup for the evening featured a group of musicians who will also appear tonight at the NEA [...]