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Will Q-Tip Make the Kennedy Center Any Less Lame?

The Kennedy Center's appointment of Q-Tip is a bold move, but will it work?

Yo-Yo Ma and Gustavo Dudamel Visit D.C. Today, And You Probably Won’t Get to See Them

... Unless you 1) bought tickets months ago or 2) are a student at Savoy Elementary School.

This morning, superstar cellist and all-around nice guy Yo-Yo Ma came to Savoy Elementary in Anacostia to teach two in-class workshops and give a performance for students. Much like Rancid, Ma sometimes likes to give free surprise gigs at [...]

Arts Roundup: The Primary Criterion Is Excellence Edition

Foggy Bottom of the Heap: The Kennedy Center Honors are just the worst. WaPo's Paul Farhi has a report from the event, which is too expensive for you to attend, has nothing to do with anything ("The primary criterion in the selection process is excellence"), and is rich in this kind of scene: "The pre-show [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Sen. Robert Byrd Will Not Be Attending the All Good Festival’ Edition

Morning, readers.
*The Daily Caller roasts Sen. Robert Byrd on the occasion of his death. Apart from the nominally provocative use of epithets like "woodhicks" to describe the late senator's constituents, Tucker Carlson's online publication also unearths what must stand as the angriest-looking photograph of latter-day Byrd (in keeping with the article's [...]

Arts Morning Roundup: Mocking Malcolm Gladwell

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Morning, y'all! Roundup's a little late today, as your pep pep had a helluva night. Top of the news pile: the Book World podcast is in trouble! Daniel Radcliffe fulfills early 2000s-era MAD magazine prophecy by morphing into Harry Pothead! Somebody get Mike Phelps [...]