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ToDo ToDay: “War/Photography” at the Corcoran and The Nine Lives of Marion Barry

The Corcoran Gallery of Art’s sprawling exhibit, "War/Photography: Images of Armed Conflict and Its Aftermath," covers everything from training to combat to the often grisly aftermath of battle, surveying a vast array of conflicts. There’s plenty of action on display—like Robert Capa’s blurred, almost hallucinatory vignette from the storming of Normandy. But the exhibit offers [...]

Don’t Be Bored: James Boice, Procedure

James Boice grew up in Centreville, Va., and fled as soon as possible. But the New York City resident is still obsessed with Northern Virginia: His second novel is titled NoVA, and his new book, The Good and the Ghastly, is set there—albeit in the 34th century. It depicts a postapocalyptic society in which Northern Virginia is [...]

For the Warm and Fuzzies, Knit Happens

It’s not hard to find the graffiti artists who call themselves the Warm and Fuzzies once they give you the general location of their Mount Pleasant basement apartment. It’s the one with knitted streamers hanging from the barred door, and once you’re inside, there’s yarn waiting to be knitted or crocheted everywhere you look. I [...]

Dupont About to Be One Yarn Store Richer, One “Exotic Boutique” Poorer

"Looped": Despite its location, the name isn't referring to some sort of sex position.
No, Looped is a yarn shop. It's moving into a space formerly occupied by near the recently closed Pleasure Place on Connecticut Avenue NW in Dupont, Prince of Petworth reported yesterday. Looped's grand opening is scheduled for Sept. 23-26.
Owners Susan Galbraith and Janie Lipnick [...]