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Arts Roundup: Dying Gaul Edition

House of Cards and Veep nominated for Golden Globes; Homeland gets zilch. [Washingtonian]

The Butler got snubbed, too. [Post]
The Caps make a "Jingle Bells" video. [Huffington Post]
In this interview with DCist, Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna talks about The Punk Singer, D.C., Santigold, Janelle Monae, etc. [DCist]
ArtYards DC wraps up this weekend. [JDLand]
"The Dying Gaul," out of [...]

How to Devise a Theater Work in the Middle of Yards Park

Making theater in unconventional locations poses unconventional challenges. Like algae growing in your performance space, for example, or unseasonably cold rainstorms and the ambient noise of waterfalls and frolicking toddlers. For force/collision, the new interdisciplinary ensemble behind The Nautical Yards, devising a site-specific dance and theater piece inspired by the Washington Navy Yard has meant [...]

Outside Sunday Sessions: Dancing Banned at Monuments, But Not Yards Park

House music, avant-garde art, and a hope for clear skies will provide the backdrop for dance fanatics and families alike at the debut 1st Sunday Sessions event at Yards Park this weekend. Headliner DJ Meistro (Marc Meisnere) says, "we want to create an opportunity for families with young kids, who probably are not hitting the [...]