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Mexican Food and the Other Jazz Church: Jazz Setlist, Aug. 21-27

Thursday, August 21
The partyin'-est, beat-heaviest, most flat-out fun jazz ensemble of any kind in Washington D.C. has got to be Yamomanem. Leader and sousaphonist Monty Montgomery (who you may also know as the front man for Black Masala) has his roots, both personal and artistic, in New Orleans. But his branches extend a long way [...]

Jazz Setlist, May 2-7: Not Your Usual Venues

Saturday, May 3
Look, everyone knows about the Funk Parade at this point, right? It's a daylong outdoor fair and festival on U Street that's assumed such proportion that, frankly, the titular parade seems to be one of the smallest parts. And while, yes, funk is the dominant motif of the day, there'll be plenty of [...]

Jazz Setlist, November 21-27: Save the Caves!

Thursday, Nov. 21
As I've noted, the older (pre-bebop) styles of jazz have a very small toehold in D.C. and even more diminutive press coverage. The former, those of us who write about jazz can't do much with; the latter, we can and should. Especially when the practitioners of those styles have the sheer vitality of [...]

Jazz Setlist, May 17-23: The “Recipe”

Thursday, May 17
Perhaps the best quote ever given on the "recipe" for jazz came from legendary saxophonist Dexter Gordon. "Jazz is an octopus," he said. "It takes what it can use." That's the attitude that you hear in the music going all the way back to the New Orleans "second line" that forms jazz's foundation: [...]

Jazz Setlist, Aug. 18-24: The Usual Suspects

The dog days continue, at least in terms of high-profile gigs coming to town. On the other hand, D.C. still has a glut of great local players working regularly. Whether you've seen them or not, it's a great time to drop in with open ears.
Thursday, August 18
Until I say that the ensemble plays New Orleans [...]