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Don’t Be Bored: Dances of Ecstasy

Look. Tonight's not going to go down in history as the most fun Wednesday night of all time. A lot of venues are in end-of-summer mode and entertainment options are a little thinner than usual. But here are a few options.
The documentary Dances of Ecstasy seems to straddle the line between Burning Man and a Discovery [...]

Beautiful Swimmers + John Davis = Yacht Rock?

Beautiful Swimmers want you to start your summer off slow: Margarita slow.  Captain's-hat-tilted-seaward slow. Yacht-rock slow.
The local spaced out electronica duo just released "Open Shadow," its latest 7-inch, featuring a lead vocal from Title Tracks frontman John Davis. It's beachy and syrupy in the Loggins & Messina vein. Or maybe it sounds like Seals & Crofts. [...]