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ToDo ToDay: Depression Solutions

Leave it to a New York Times columnist to come up with a solution for solving all of America’s ills. Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman has decided that asking what happened to the U.S. economy is so yesterday, and it’s time now to fix the ailing system. Fortunately, Krugman thinks he’s just the man for the [...]

Is DC9 Doomed?

That is to say: If you were in charge of the venue's brand, what would you tell the owners? Even if the five men charged with aggravated assault following the death of 27-year-old Ali Ahmed Mohammed—DC9 co-owner Bill Spieler and four employees of the club—are exonerated, the damage to the venue's reputation may still be [...]

The Red Palace Is Almost Ready

If you wanted to see Xiu Xiu, Rocky Votolato, or Marnie Stern, you'd head to DC9 or the Black Cat, right?
Not this fall. With the merger of the Red and the Black and the Palace of Wonders into the very literally named Red Palace, fans of midsized indie bands will have yet another venue to [...]