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ToDo ToDay: Michael Borek, Honeyblood, and Chefs Behind Bars

It’s been more than a quarter century by now, but my recollection of reading Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis in my freshman-year college European lit class remains fresh. Even for a cocky college kid, reading about Gregor Samsa’s transformation into an insect was unnerving. There’s nothing quite as creepy as Kafka’s famous character in Michael Borek’s photography exhibit [...]

ToDo ToDay: Andrea Fraser! Drinks and Dessert!

Many annoying tropes of performance art can be traced to Andrea Fraser but tonight at the Corcoran, she'll present a reflective piece. The artist will reenact a 1972 broadcast about feminism. The original “Men on the Line, KPFK” piece interviewed four men on their feelings about the feminist movement; Fraser will read those transcripts, performing [...]

Jazz Setlist, January 24-30: Potpourri

Thursday, Jan. 24
The Smithsonian's American Art Museum runs jazz performances in its Kogod Courtyard every third Thursday, but this year it's trying a novel sort of series. Local musicians are taking on the music of jazz greats, living and dead, with local and legend matched by instrument (trumpeters covering trumpeters, pianists covering pianists, etc.). This [...]

Jazz Setlist, Jan. 27-Feb. 2: Swingin’ Snow

Yeah, the snowfall wasn't exactly a catastrophe 'round these parts, though the New Yorkers are certainly having a time of it. Still, it's enough to have closed D.C. public schools—which means enough to close daycares, which means your humble jazz correspondent has had to stay home and wait for naptime today before getting to this [...]

Jazz Setlist, Aug. 26-Sep. 1: Wallace Roney Uber Alles

'Tis a light week for jazz, but with one big name in town:

Friday, August 26
It seems as though Wallace Roney will never escape comparisons to Miles Davis. Miles was the younger trumpeter's mentor and idol, and Roney stood in for the late giant when Miles' classic 1960s quintet went on a reunion tour about 15 [...]

Wynton Marsalis & LCJO at the Kennedy Center

He's still controversial, but recently Wynton Marsalis has seen a bit of a re-evaluation—pointing out that beneath all the bile over his musico-political views, Marsalis is a brilliant and absurdly accomplished musician. His performance last night at the Kennedy Center (sponsored by the Washington Performing Arts Society), with the 14-piece Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, bore [...]