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Sunday: “DMV Helps Haiti” Benefit Concert, One Year Later

One year ago, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake rocked Haiti, killing more than 230,000 people and leaving another 1 million people homeless.
In response to the devastation, promoters here and abroad organized a seemingly endless stream of benefit concerts to aid the country's overwhelming relief efforts. To date, more than $1 billion has been raised for Haiti's earthquake [...]

Arts Roundup: Credit Where It’s Due Edition

Arnold Schwarzenegger, watch out: There's a new entertainer with political aspirations. Wyclef Jean is running for president of Haiti. Despite having recently claimed to have no political intentions, the recording artist–who first found fame with the Fugees–is planning to parlay his recent earthquake-relief charity work into a presidential run in his native country. Hmm, wonder [...]

Wyclef Jean’s Haiti Charity, Aided by 9:30 Club Show, Will Only Receive Fraction of Telethon Funds

Wyclef Jean's charity organization, Yéle Haiti, will only receive a fraction of the $35 million raised by the Hope for Haiti telethon in January, Gawker is reporting. The charity collected millions in the wake of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that devastated Port-au-Prince last month. That included money raised at a number of benefits in D.C., most notably [...]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Arts Desk: Wyclef’s Haiti Charity, Comics Shops, Jane Austen Erotica

This week on Arts Desk: Yéle Haiti! The charity founded by the former Fugees musician Wyclef Jean has raised millions for earthquake relief since last week, and received half of the $36,000 netted by a benefit concert at the 9:30 Club Monday—while at the same time, it came under fire for making a series of [...]

Yéle Haiti Has Long History of Dysfunction, Gawker Report Shows

Update: Wyclef Jean went on Oprah today and described the scenes of devastation he saw while aiding in relief efforts in Port-au-Prince last week. Original post below:
When the former Fugees musician Wyclef Jean called a press conference Monday, he seemed to lay to rest allegations that his nonprofit organization, Yéle Haiti, had mismanaged its funds. After reviewing [...]

9:30 Club’s Haiti Concert Will Still Aid Wyclef Jean’s Charity

The organizers of tonight's 9:30 Club benefit for victims of the 7.0-magnitude earthquake in Haiti say they still plan to donate half of the evening's proceeds to Yéle Haiti, a nongovernmental organization founded by the Haitian-born performer Wyclef Jean.
Yéle came under fire over the weekend after the Smoking Gun reported that the organization's tax [...]

9:30 Club’s Haiti Benefit May Aid Wyclef Jean’s Dubious Charity

UPDATE – 7:55 p.m.: Hugh Locke, the president of Yéle Haiti, has released a statement: "Wyclef Jean, the founder of Yéle Haiti has never profited from his organization." Read the full statement at the bottom of the article. Original post below:
On Monday, some of the District's biggest rap names will perform at the 9:30 Club [...]

Wyclef Jean@The Green Inaugural Ball: Kinda Sad

I just got back from the Green Inaugural Ball on Constitution Ave at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium. I'm sure Darrow will have photos of this event soon. But I was thinking: I just saw Wyclef Jean. And I felt nothing. At one point in my life, Jean's old band dominated every single house party [...]