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ToDo ToDay: Teatro Lirico, Daddy Issues, and Wyatt Cenac

Enjoy your comedy with a side of politics and your live music with a side of synthesizers.

Wyatt Cenac on Puppets, Political Humor, and Listening to Comedy on Vinyl

"I definitely feel like you do this stuff long enough, you have weird things. Like, I did a show once where I was sandwiched between a reggae band and an all-male line-dancing group."

ToDo ToDay: VelocityDC, Obits, and The Bentzen Ball

New York’s annual 10-day-long dance blitz is called Fall for Dance. In D.C., the same concept, packed into just three days with 30 local companies, is known as VelocityDC. On opening night, you’ll see more or less traditional work from the Washington Ballet’s studio company and Edwin Aparicio’s flamenco troupe. But the event’s emerging performers [...]

ToDo Today: Shark Week Without Cable!

For the past 25 years, August has brought Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, a frank, explorative, and compelling series of hour-long investigations of the world’s most iconic fish. Now that Chompie, a giant shark both inflatable and promotional, once again adorns the media company’s headquarters in Silver Spring, it’s easy to deduce that Shark Week is [...]