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ToDo ToDay: James Iha! Rushdie Talks Fatwa!

Billy Corgan may have been the undisputed brains behind The Smashing Pumpkins, but James Iha, the band’s laconic second guitarist, was its squishy, lovelorn heart: Every few EPs, Iha got to present one of his own songs, almost all of them straightforward romantic foils to Corgan’s expressionistic angst anthems. Since the Pumpkins’ initial breakup in [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Wu-Tang Clan and Things That Aren’t Christmas!

As a native Staten Islander—keep your comments to yourself, please—I’m crestfallen that my hometown’s most illustrious musical export is coming to town the day I head back to Shaolin for the holidays. Tonight, Wu-Tang Clan returns to State Theatre, the Falls Church venue that probably hosts more cover bands than hip-hop shows (its website offers [...]

Reviewed: Bop Alloy by Substantial & Marcus D.

The fusion of jazz and hip-hop is nothing new, so Baltimore rapper Substantial and Seattle producer Marcus D. don't break new ground on their new album, Bop Alloy. The blending of genres was especially prevalent 20 years ago, when Gangstarr, A Tribe Called Quest and others sustained careers by rhyming over piano keys and wind [...]