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No Man’s Land at WSC Avant Bard, Reviewed

Harold Pinter’s No Man’s Land is a 38-year-old Rubik’s Cube covered in Rorschach blots, a confounding examination of memory and masculinity that resists easy interpretation like an Aikido master shrugging off an unwanted bear hug. Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart—Magneto and Professor X themselves!—are set to appear opposite each other in the play’s two main [...]

Arts Roundup: RIP Nouveau Riche Edition

After seven years, dance party Nouveau Riche is coming to an end. [Facebook]
Once again, demand for Book of Mormon tickets overwhelms the Kennedy Center's website. [Post]
Michelle Obama appears on the cover of Vogue for the second time. [Post]
WSC Avant Bard, the theater company ejected from Artisphere last year, has found a venue for Allyson Currin’s Caesar and [...]

Tom Prewitt Replaces Christopher Henley at WSC Avant Bard

WSC Avant Bard has announced that Artistic Director Christopher Henley is changing his role at WSC Avant Bard. On Feb. 1, he officially left his post as the theater company's artistic director. Henley will be succeeded by Tom Prewitt (shown), an experienced local director who's helmed shows at WSC (including the recent Six Characters in Search of [...]

Arts Roundup: Benny Blanco’s Bad Music Edition

A profile of 24-year-old Benny Blanco, the Reston producer who's responsible for some of the most inescapable pop-radio fodder [New York Times]
Peter Marks doesn't mince words in a critical piece about Arena Stage's local-playwright woes and Artisphere's recent ejection of its in-house theater company, WSC Avant Bard. [Post]
A vapid feature on expecting women in the [...]

Artisphere Boots WSC Avant Bard

This post has been updated.
D.C. Theatre Scene reported this morning that Artisphere has given the boot to WSC Avant Bard, its in-house theater company for the last two years.
Artisphere spokesperson Annalisa Meyer confirms the news, saying the decision is part of the Rossyln cultural center's plan to cut operating costs. Meyer says WSC Avant Bard's [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: The Music Man, Moonrise Kingdom, Leo Villareal

Bob Mondello leads this week's arts section with a meditation on familiarity on D.C. stages: A pair of recognizable faces helps The Illusion at Forum Theatre work its spell, while Arena Stage's The Music Man manages to move but brings little that's interesting to this American mainstay. Chris Klimek riffs about the dystopian rock 'n' [...]

Listen: A Jon Langford Glam Track from Richard Byrne’s Play Nero/Pseudo

Hymn To Athena by NeroPseudo
We already reported back in January that local playwright Richard Byrne had scored the coup of getting the seminal-punk-rocker-turned-insurgent-country-singer Jon Langford to write original songs for Bryne's play Nero/Pseudo, about a man who successfully impersonated the Roman emperor Nero Claudius Caesar in Greece the year after Nero's death.
Byrne blogged last [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Robert Hosea Williams, Ai Weiwei, Chuck Brown

Ryan Little leads this week's arts section with his look at the career of Robert Hosea Williams, a recording engineer whose exquisite, long lost recordings of '70s D.C. soul have now seen the light of day. Kriston Capps reviews two installations by Ai Weiwei, the wry, political Chinese artist who spent part of 2011 detained [...]

Arts Roundup: Five-Year Plan Edition

Ian Svenonius discusses his bands, their five-year plans, and reuniting The Make-Up [Click Track]
Everything you ever wanted to know about the Smithsonian's Museum of African American History [WaPo]
Paperhaus, the band, discusses Paperhaus, the house. [Pink Line Project]
Calling all Klingons (WSC Avant Bard is auditioning) [DC Theatre Scene]
George Mason's Fall for the Book Festival to honor [...]

Richard Byrne’s New Play Nero/Pseudo, Guest-Starring The Mekons’ Jon Langford

Playwright Richard Byrne announced on his blog this week that WSC Avant Bard, the Washington area’s most pun-tastic theater company, will stage a reading of his new play Nero/Pseudo at Artisphere on May 30. While this one-night-only event will be a reading rather than a full production, it will feature live music performed by [...]