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ToDo ToDay: Woody Allen Double Feature! Fort Reno Starts!

While the DMV is teeming with free outdoor movie screenings—providing its residents perhaps too many opportunities to indulge in Whole Foods cheese wheels—this year’s schedule has one glaring exclusion: Woody Allen’s Annie Hall. Luckily, the mensches over at the Washington D.C. Jewish Community Center have rectified this injustice with “Double Take: Woody Allen,” a two-week [...]

ToDo ToDay: Ted Alexandro and Boozy Cupcakes

Ted Alexandro has at least two Facebook pages. One of them is typical for a working comedian: It’s got show announcements, YouTube clips, and choice one-liners for the fans. But Alexandro’s other Facebook page is like a news ticker for the Occupy movement. Even in the waning days of the protests in New York, the [...]

Don’t Be Bored: The Truth Is [Still] Out There, Woody Allen

Whenever Bill Hicks brought up the John F. Kennedy assassination during his stand-up routine, it was hard to tell if he actually believed the conspiracy theories he joked about. In berating his audience for buying the official report of Oswald acting alone, was Hicks merely fueling a persona? Or did the gags mask a sincere [...]

Arts Roundup: The Middle-Class America Edition

Good morning, everyone! There's a heat advisory in town, but good news, it'll only be 100 degrees today! And it's Wednesday, which means it's almost Friday.
If you're feeling the heat enough to hang outside today, "Yoga in the Park" is happening tonight in Dupont Circle. (If you're into that kind of thing, it's not too [...]