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Q&A: New York-Bound Adam Friedland On the Last Night of Funny Moms

Since December of 2012, Columbia Heights watering hole Wonderland has recurringly opened its upstairs bar to a small tribe of dweeby, self-effacing, pop-culture-literate comics and the people who want to hear their weird jokes. But after tonight, the laughter fades forever inside those walls.
Well, OK, Wonderland will still host comedy. But probably none like that [...]

Five Books I’d Read

in which the author discusses five books he'd read, if time permitted.
1. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll, edited by Hugh Haughton, illustrated by John Tenniel.
Pop quiz: Without reaching out to any lifeline (parent, friend, lover, child, roommate, neighbor, cab driver, doctor, lawyer, barber/hairstylist, dentist, garbageperson, boss, underling, 1951 [...]