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Corigliano’s The Ghosts of Versailles at Wolf Trap Opera, Reviewed

If you had a time machine, what would you do besides kill Hitler and stop George Lucas from making prequels?

Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro at Wolf Trap Opera, Reviewed

Cross-dressing, switched identities, and R. Kelly trapped-in-the-closet scenarios deign to prevent a count from sexually assaulting or murdering anyone.

Giulio Cesare at Wolf Trap, Reviewed

There are arguments to be made against authenticity. In the classical music landscape, historically informed performance (HIP) has long since passed from niche trend to permanent fixture, applied especially to Baroque operas like Giulio Cesare. But when the original is over four hours long and calls for castrated singers, well, fuck authenticity, right?
So Wolf Trap [...]

Aria Code: A Guide to D.C.’s Semipro Opera Companies

Plenty of TV watchers have noted how closely Netflix’s political drama House of Cards resembles an opera, but until now, no one’s tried to make an opera that looks like House of Cards. That’s what D.C. Public Opera will do when it debuts at the Mayflower Hotel next month, joining an already-crowded field of semiprofessional [...]

Arts Roundup: Saint of Gutters Edition

- To promote its showcase Wednesday at Comet Ping Pong, local music blog All Our Noise made a handsome video of Cigaretteperforming in a Shaw garden [All Our Noise]
- Wolf Trap Opera Company Director Kim Witman is traveling, looking for new singers, and she compiled a list of the kinds of stories she hears from people [...]