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Don’t Be Bored: The Truth Is [Still] Out There, Woody Allen

Whenever Bill Hicks brought up the John F. Kennedy assassination during his stand-up routine, it was hard to tell if he actually believed the conspiracy theories he joked about. In berating his audience for buying the official report of Oswald acting alone, was Hicks merely fueling a persona? Or did the gags mask a sincere [...]

What We Learned at Film Forward

The Washington stop of the Sundance Institute’s Film Forward began with a diplomatic slip-up—Gary Doer, the Canadian ambassador, was unable to attend the press breakfast at his own embassy. It fell to one of the ambassador’s underlings to introduce the actress Kerry Washington.
“Really great films allow you to step outside yourself and see another’s experience,” [...]

A One-Day Film Festival? Try One Screening Time.

This evening the Sundance Institute's Film Forward program will screen its collection of movies it considers to "engage local, underserved and youth audiences in dialogue" around the world. The titles include some of 2010's best, including the Oscar-nominated Appalachian gothic Winter's Bone, the Palestinian immigrant tale Amreeka, and the startling Chinese labor documentary Last Train Home.
For the [...]

What if Winter’s Bone Had Juggalos in It?

Don't get us wrong—Winter's Bone is good—but we couldn't shake the sense that something is missing. Sure, the subtly noirish tone of the Oscar-nominated film is masterful, but let's examine the facts: Here's a movie about the ass-end of the Ozarks, and there's not a Juggalo in sight. Surely such a methed-out community would have [...]

And the Oscar Nominations Go To…

The frontrunner: The King's Speech, with 12 noms
The surprises: John Hawkes for Winter's Bone, Jeremy Renner for The Town, Jacki Weaver for Animal Kingdom
The disappointments: No directing nod for Christopher Nolan? And please, Academy: Hailee Steinfeld is the lead actress of True Grit. Period.
Here are the major categories.
Christian Bale, The Fighter
John Hawkes, Winter's [...]

Washington Critics Name The Social Network Best Picture

The Washington, D.C. Area Film Critics Association announced its top picks of 2010 this morning, with Inception winning the most accolades but The Facebook Movie, aka The Social Network, chosen for Best Picture.
Here's the full list. (Without naming names, I voted for five out of the 15 winners.)