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This Week in WCP Arts: Zep Fest, Meek’s Cutoff, Domingo’s Farewell

Ally Schweitzer and I lead this week's arts section with our look into how and why Zep Fest—a massive tribute to Led Zeppelin set to take place Memorial Day weekend at National Harbor—failed. Michael West does a close viewing of three videos featuring saxophonist George Botts Sr.—the only recorded legacy left behind by the late [...]

Movie Throwdown: Win Win vs. Win/Win

If you see only one film titled Win Win this year...well, you actually have a choice of two. Win Win is an American film starring Paul Giamatti and Amy Ryan that tells the story of a lawyer who does a not-so-ethical thing for money. Win/Win, meanwhile, is a Dutch film playing at Filmfest DC tonight [...]

Reviewed: Win Win

A nice guy does a not-very-nice thing in Tom McCarthy's Win Win. It's financial desperation that nudges New Jersey lawyer and wrestling coach Mike Flaherty (Paul Giamatti) into doing the unthinkable: becoming the legal guardian, for $1,500 a month, of a client (Burt Young) who's suffering from dementia.
Mike argues to the judge that he'll [...]

Again With the Moombahton

Yeah, you've heard a lot about Moombahton recently. Just go with it for now: The microgenre's inventor Dava Nada is in town for a short visit before he returns to L.A., and tonight he's spinning at the second Moombahton Massive party at U Street Music Hall, along with several other characters from my recent cover [...]