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So Tonight’s Hume Show Should Be Interesting

Hume's summer was probably more blissful than yours. The D.C. band left town at the end of May for a country house on a 100-acre property in the village of Argyle, in Upstate New York. They found it on Craiglist. Apparently the price was reasonable; they quit their day jobs.
"We made great creative strides in a [...]

Hume’s Gorgeous, and Gorgeous-Looking, Penumbra Now Available

The latest Hume release contains five songs, stretches to 40 minutes, and is a gorgeous document of melty, psyched-out indie prog. It's also one of my favorite things to come out of D.C. all year. And now it can be yours! Sockets Records just put copies up for sale online, and also posted some shots [...]

One Track Mind: Macaw’s “Five Minutes at the Rainforest Cafe”

"When it comes to nailing the nature vibe, 'Five Minutes at the Rainforest Cafe' puts the Windham Hill catalog to shame," writes Aaron Leitko in this week's One Track Mind. This song by Macaw, aka Hume member Wilson Kemp, features "tinkling omnichord arpeggios and gently evolving Casio keyboard drones." Kemp tells Leitko:
The album is going [...]