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Imagining Horowitz v. Holtzman: What a Debate at Theater J Might’ve Sounded Like

Right-wing firebrand David Horowitz and playwright Willy Holtzman won't be debating each other tomorrow night at Theater J. Instead actors will read Horowitz's irate response to Holtzman's play Something You Did, and Holtzman's rebuttal.
But even if the two had agreed to appear on the same stage, it's doubtful they would've reached common ground. Horowitz says Holtzman's character [...]

David Horowitz: Enemy of Radical Islam, Lefty Professors…and Theater J?

For the second time in a year, D.C.'s Theater J finds itself on the receiving end of criticism from a real-life person who's unhappy about how he's being portrayed in a fictional play.
This spring, holocaust memoirist Elie Wiesel threatened to sue the company over Imagining Madoff, a play that involved a fictitious dialogue between Wiesel [...]

Theater J’s Something You Did, Like the Play It Replaced, Prods Morality with Real-Life Stand-Ins

You’ve got to hand it to Theater J. It originally planned to open its 2010-2011 season with the meditative, button-pushing Imagining Madoff, which centered on a fictitious encounter between Bernie Madoff and Elie Wiesel. But the real-life Wiesel objected to his portrayal, a rewrite was attempted, and the playwright eventually pulled the work.
Lesser theaters might have [...]