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ToDo ToDay: African Films, Andy Kindler, NoMa Beer Fest, and Trillectro

D.C.’s version of the African Diaspora International Film Festival, returning for its seventh year, seems far too short for an event concerned with global African culture. But its curation may make up for its small slate. Tonight’s kickoff film, African Independence, takes a broad view, talking to African leaders about the continent’s myriad struggles for independence. [...]

Dan Deacon: Gallons o’ Grease for Buckets o’ Fun

Powered by his critically successful new release (Bromst) and glowing green skull, music-as-performance artist Dan Deacon chugs along on his North American tour, leaving his mark on dancefloors and day-glo wearing revelers along the way. But if there's one thing on which Deacon won't leave a mark, it's the environment. At least, that's the idea. [...]