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Faction of Fools’ Bloody, Gut-Busting Titus Andronicus, Reviewed

Titus Andronicus has the reputation of being William Shakespeare’s bloodiest work, so it should surprise no one familiar with the play or the Commedia del’Arte troupe Faction of Fools that the latter’s version of the former comes with a splash zone. When entering the theater, audience members are warned that sitting in the first three [...]

The Riot Grrrls Shakespeare Production of Much Ado About Nothing, Reviewed

Much Ado About Nothing is one of William Shakespeare’s few comedies to eschew the trope of having a woman spend most of the show disguised as a dude, and its plot hinges entirely on the willingness of two supposedly honorable men to discount the word of a woman they claim to love. So there’s something [...]

Reviewed: A Distaff Julius Caesar, Still Dying by the Sword

Julius Caesar
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Lise Bruneau
Taffety Punk Theatre Company at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop to Oct. 23
Jessica Lefkow's Cassius—a lean and hungry-looking schemer indeed—and Esther Williamson's softer-spoken but steel-spined Brutus are the solid anchors of a Julius Caesar where even that saddle-sore swaggerer Marc Antony is played by an actor who's bound her breasts [...]

Some Modest Advice for Taffety Punk Theatre Company Re: Its “Bootleg Shakespeare” Stagings

Last night, Taffety Punk Theatre Company performed William Shakespeare and John Fletcher's The Two Noble Kinsmen. The 36 actors on stage—37 if you count the paper bag that played the part of Emilia's Second Woman—began learning their lines about a month ago, but didn't rehearse together until yesterday morning. It was one of Taffety's "Bootleg [...]