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ToDo ToDay: Cory Doctorow! Mike Birbiglia!

Cory Doctorow wants my royalty check, but I tolerate him anyway. Science-fiction author, essayist, and co-editor of the anti-copyright, pro-file-sharing tech blog BoingBoing, Doctorow and his fellow, ahem, “netizens” are part of a diabolical cultural shift that insists the music industry should die quietly because rock ’n’ roll ain’t worth paying for. Doctorow pimps his new [...]

The Arts Desk Interview: Phantogram

In which the author speaks with Sarah D. Barthel, half of the Saratoga Springs, N.Y.–based pop duo Phantogram, while Joshua M. Carter, the other half, lies down to recuperate from oral surgery.
Washington City Paper: Have you ever read any William Kennedy?
Sarah D. Barthel: No.
CP: Oh. [Sound of your correspondent's intracranial gears grinding, as he [...]