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Jazz Setlist, Apr. 14-20: Young Blood, Old Guard

Friday, April 15: It's not a stretch to call Ben Williams the pride of the current D.C. jazz scene. A native of Michigan Park, Williams grew up playing bass with the District's own Jolley Brothers, worked with Thad Wilson and Paul Carr, and studied with Michael Bowie and the Ellington School of the Arts' Carolyn [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: The Nobis, H Street: The Sitcom, Pentagram

Arin Greenwood leads the arts section this week with a profile of The Nobis, a Japanese electro-pop band that's restarting its career in D.C. post-tsunami. Mike Madden, Michael E. Grass, and I plot out the first season of H Street, an ill-advised sitcom that's allegedly in development. David Dunlap reviews the new record by Pentagram, a [...]