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ToDo ToDay: Ellsworth Kelly! Superhumanoids! A New Shake Shack!

Ellsworth Kelly always seemed like the easiest kind of artist to emulate. The American minimalist shaped his canvases in unique ways, painted them a single color, and hung them on a wall. The Phillips Collection is honoring the artist’s 90th year with an exhibition of his recent works. It’s a fitting tribute for a guy [...]

One Track Mind: Wild Fruit, “Barn Burner”

Standout Track: No. 1, "Barn Burner," the opening track from Wild Fruit’s new 7-inch. The song—a remastered version of a tune originally released in 2012—gets a charge from its fuzzy guitars and a throbbing bass line, but it's Franck Cordes' snarling vocals that’ll push your hair back. When Cordes sings, "I've been around long enough [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Phillips After 5, Fringe Kicks Off

Full disclosure: A bunch of my former and current colleagues are involved in tonight's TBD-hosted Phillips After 5, but it's still your best bet for early-evening revelry. Set to perform: Warped disco dudes Protect-U (featuring very occasional WCP contributor Aaron Leitko) and DJs Whiskey Sherpa (featuring WCP Beerspotter columnist Orr Shtuhl). THEATER PEOPLE: WCP theater [...]