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Arts Roundup: Al Pacino Edition

Shafted: Local artists didn't win squat in this year's Grammys. Unless you consider The Foo Fighters local.
Lady in White: Even D.C. media wasn't immune to the collective Whitney Houston mourning yesterday. DCist posted video of Houston's final D.C. performance in 1997, which was packaged as an HBO special called "Classic Whitney Live From Washington D.C."
Hoo-Ah!: In a ceremony [...]

Arts Roundup: Assassination Vacation Edition

Fables of the Reconstruction: New York Times critic Edward Rothstein gives high marks to Ford's Theatre's new Center for Education and Leadership, which is across the street from the historic venue and attached to the Peterson House, where Abraham Lincoln died. The center traces the aftermath of Lincoln's death and explores the legacy of his presidency [...]

Reviewed: Mi Ami’s Steal Your Face

On first listen, Mi Ami's sophomore album, Steal Your Face (Thrill Jockey), seems to begin where last year's Watersports left off—quite literally. "Harmonics (Genius Of Love)" practically kicks off midstream, with guitarist and vocalist Daniel Martin-McCormick's frantic yelps hitting a histrionic high pitch at the song's start. If Watersports had been a double album, the C-side [...]