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DMV Beats: Midas and Co., PHZ-Sicks, Doe Cigapom and MOB, Wale

Regal Rap
"Fuck is y'all thinking, focus!" shouts rapper Bear Witnez at the top of "Highlander." "Midas got the oil light blinkin'/Bear the hottest shit smokin'." With that declaration, and Freddie Mercury's unmistakeable voice, Bear opens the stampeding posse cut from Midas' Pop Up compilation. Here, Pro'Verb, 'Folkz, and Lyriciss deliver inspired verses on shoddy competition, [...]

DMV Beats: Logic, Lyriciss, Phil Da Phuture, X.O., Maimouna Youssef, Nike Nando, and ‘Folkz

Logic Puzzle
Early Wednesday morning, XXL magazine unveiled its "2013 Freshman" cover, shining the spotlight on a "new" class of MCs. As usual, it's become the year's most talked-about hip-hop magazine cover and a lightning rod of controversy. Some said including ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Joey Bada$$, Action Bronson, Trinidad James, and honorary rookie Chief Keef was [...]

Meet Folkz, the Rapper/Producer Formerly Known as Whitefolkz

David "Whitefolkz" Simmons once struck a quintessentially gangsta pose: He kept his eyes perpetually covered in shades—and he carried a pimp cup.
But by last September, Simmons had grown tired of the grind—of sitting in the studio and picking glossy beats in the hopes of securing some radio play. He stopped performing live shows and stepped back from the [...]

J-Scrilla Releases Capitol Punishment

DJ J-Scrilla is no stranger to the mixtape concept, whether he's releasing his own compilations or promoting those from his peers. From the late '90s to the early aughts, Scrilla's tapes paired veteran MCs with lesser-known talent. "I want my tapes to be more like 'digs' for the listener, rather than a rack of joints they [...]

Harmony Muzik’s Concert-as-Networking-Event

Musicians don't see many major-label talent scouts in the DMV. Local stations don't seem to have too much interest in area artists. But there is plenty of great musical talent in D.C., and Harmony Muzik wants the world to know it. "I think we are a model for the independent movement," says the Virginia-based singer. "People need [...]

Voting Starts Tomorrow for the 2011 DMV Awards

Beginning tomorrow, you can nominate your favorite local artists for the 2011 DMV Awards, organized by promoter Dre All Day since 2007 and given to performers each year to recognize their contributions within the regional music scene.
Last year, Chelsey Green—aka "The Green Violinist"—won the best alternative artist award and TCB was named best go-go group. [...]

What’s Good? Marcus J. Moore’s Favorite DMV Albums of 2010

As 2010 comes to a close, members and observers of the D.C. hip-hop scene are debating who's the hottest MC, and whether or not we have a great one. The year also saw a seemingly endless stream of mixtapes—from D.C. Don Juan and UCB, to Kingpen Slim and Raheem DeVaughn. In 2011, listeners should expect [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 9

You know that Radio Raheem scene in Do The Right Thing? The one in which Love knocks out Hate? Far Out vs. Hot Dang is NOT like that at all. It's ALL love, people. Most of the time.

contrabassoon vs. contraforte
Who has the more intense Twitter feed, Fat Trel or Whitefolkz?

"There's a feeling of portent — [...]

Whitefolkz Talks (What Else?) Race, Plus His Southern Entertainment Awards Nomination

Although Chocolate City has become remarkably lighter in the past few years, you can still count the number of notable white rappers on one hand—maybe even two fingers.
For obvious reasons then, David "Whitefolkz" Simmons easily stands out in the regional hip-hop scene. But his abilities shouldn't be dismissed because of his skin color. 'Folkz is [...]

Too Much Posse

Benji, Gorda Brega, Toney Night, XO & Syxx – "Uptown's Finest 2"
Carty Yeah, Southeast Slim, Whitefolkz, Kingpin Slim, Mo Chips – "Hottest In The Hood (DMV Remix)"
Two brand new posse cut primers on the ever burgeoning DC rap scene.
First up is "Uptown's Finest 2," the self-explanatory title track from the forthcoming EP of the [...]