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What Made Local Comedians Laugh in 2014

A racist Nats fan, a banana peel, and an all-you-can-eat buffet

Subterranean Punk-House Blues

Photo Slideshow: Subterranean A's Final Show

D.C. punk houses haven’t changed much. They’re still filthy. They’re still rife with well-intentioned but unrealized projects, like unturned compost piles and half-finished rain barrels. They still have damp sofas encircled by splintered drumsticks, Xeroxed show flyers, and earthenware mugs ringed with green-tea residue. Often, a hapless chore wheel clings to [...]

ToDo ToDay: Lessons From Wham City

Comedy fans who dislike comedy clubs, rejoice: Tonight, Baltimore collective Wham City brings its Wonder Showzen-, Tim and Eric-, and Everything is Terrible!-inspired anti-comedy show to house venue Subterranean A. The group is touring its  newest “seminar” series, in which it covers hot topics like making money and the effects of alien advertising on humans. The [...]

Romantic Post-Wave and the Tom Waits School of Voice: A Chat with Future Islands

"I really unabashedly am a bad singer," says Sam Herring of Baltimore's once rough-and-ragged—and now disarmingly introspective and motivic—Future Islands. He quickly qualifies the statement: "I don’t think I’m a bad singer, but I don’t consider myself a singer. I consider myself a performer who can sing a bit and does sing."
On the trio's upcoming [...]

Whartscape 2009: Free Kick-Off Show Friday

The mid Atlantic ain't exactly synonymous with kick-ass music festivals, but Baltimore's renegade art/music collective Wham City (most famous member: Dan Deacon) might be changing that. This Friday kicks off the fourth annual Whartscape, a three-day, weekend-long sonic smorgasbord of B-more's best and brightest bands, and their friends from the rest of the States and [...]

Underwater Peoples Presents Its Sounds Of Spring

D.C.'s newest label—Underwater Peoples—has just made available for download the soundtrack of your spring. The compilation provides the perfect sounds—tropical or otherwise—for Sunday walks in Rock Creek Park or the drive out to Ocean City. Tracklist includes the perfect amount of wistful ambience from Real Estate and Ducktails. You can download it all for free. [...]