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WETA’s “D.C. Fireworks Extravaganza”: Still With Minstrel Songs!

This year, as it does every year, WETA will air a program called "D.C. Fireworks Extravaganza" following its live broadcast of the "Capitol Fourth" concert. Fireworks! Who doesn't want more of them? Unfortunately, WETA's canned footage is soundtracked by some familiar American tunes that are closely tied to the country's history of racism—not exactly the [...]

Arts Roundup: Bones Edition

National Mall bone display draws attention to global genocide. [Post]
Exorcist author says Georgetown University doesn't deserve to call itself Catholic. [Huffington Post]
Malmaison has been hosting concerts and parties for months, and this month it's finally opening. [Washingtonian]
Fort Knox cartoon strip comes to the Washington Post. [Comic Riffs]
The Post reviews the debut novel of D.C. novelist Elliott [...]

Yep, WETA’s “Fireworks Extravaganza” Still Has Minstrel Songs

Every year, WETA airs a program called "D.C. Fireworks Extravaganza" following its live broadcast of the "Capitol Fourth" concert. And every year, "D.C. Fireworks Extravaganza" includes some minstrel songs. Tomorrow's schedule is no different, and according to a WETA spokesperson, "Fireworks Extravaganza" hasn't changed—which is why Washington City Paper will continue its own annual tradition. [...]

WETA Launches All-British Channel, Monocle Not Included

Break out the tiny sandwiches: On June 2, WETA launches WETA UK, a specialty channel that will show British programming seven days a week. D.C. area residents with the required technology (a newish television or an older TV with a digital-to-analog converter) can watch the channel for free over the air on channel 26.2.
From the press [...]

Friends Remember the Public and Private Joe Barber

A large crowd packed the DeVol Funeral Home last Wednesday, when friends and family gathered for a memorial service for Joe Barber, the arts critic and broadcast personality who died last month at 53. Local radio and TV personalities, like Arch Campbell, David Burd, Tim Gordon, and Victoria Jones, attended. The room was standing room only. [...]

Memorial Service, Funeral for Joe Barber Set for This Week

Local TV and radio personality Joe Barber died a week ago at 53, and as the news spread, it quickly became clear—in articles' comments sections, in appreciations on local radio—how big an impact he'd had on Washingtonians.
This week, his co-workers, friends, and family are paying their respects. According to Barber's friend Joan Kraft, a memorial is scheduled for [...]

Joe Barber, Arts Critic for WTOP and WETA, Dies at 53

Joe Barber, an arts commentator who for many years was a mainstay of local radio and television, was found dead in his home this morning. A presence in local media for 20 years, Barber was WTOP's entertainment editor, broadcasting reviews of music and theater, as well as a frequent panelist on WETA's Around Town, where since [...]

WETA’s “Fireworks Extravaganza”: Still Featuring Minstrel Songs

A year ago, I fielded a call from Potomac, Md., resident Andrea Graham, who for years has been complaining to public television station WETA about its annual "D.C. Fireworks Extravaganza" program—a half-hour of stock footage that the station airs after its broadcast of the "Capitol Fourth" concert and fireworks presentation. Pretty innocuous-sounding, right? Not to [...]

5 PBS Kids Shows With Theme Songs that Will Violate Your Skull

I am the father of a preschooler, which means I can plead insanity when accused of various minor social transgressions. It also means that the television is tuned to PBS anytime from the hours of 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. Your average Horrible Parent knows this, because "television" sometimes equals "survival" for anybody with a [...]

WETA’s “Fireworks Extravaganza,” as Usual, Includes Three Minstrel Songs

Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1992
Last week, I spoke with two vice presidents of WETA about the public television station's annual "D.C. Fireworks Extravaganza" program—and why the archival footage, shot in 1992 on the National Mall, includes two minstrel-show songs: "Dixie," now considered an American standard, and "Old Black Joe."
They told me they receive [...]