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Reviewed: Putty Hill

If the camera lingers on a passed-over urban landscape long enough, will it find something meaningful? This is the cinematic riddle posed by Matt Porterfield’s second feature Putty Hill, a moody micro-budget indie that confuses austerity with profundity. Framed around the death of a troubled 20-something in its titular Baltimore County neighborhood, Porterfield’s skeletal narrative [...]

Masters at Their Sugary Craft: A Chat With Kings of Pastry Directors Chris Hegedus and D.A. Pennebaker

Watching a master at his craft has long been a tantalizing sight, in Greek amphitheaters long ago and seen from living rooms today. Reality television has continued the tradition, albeit crudely, with shows like Top Chef, Survivor, and Amazing Race. So has documentary film, in favorites like Spellbound and Mad Hot Ballroom. Yet those flicks [...]

Reviewed, Briefly: Samson & Delilah

Set in Australia, Samson & Delilah is a grim and stomach-churning story of two aboriginal children living an impoverished life in a trailer-park town in the desert. Very loosely inspired by the biblical tale of Samson, this film has almost no dialogue but high-caliber performances from child actors Rowan McNamera and Marissa Gibson. Samson and Delilah leave [...]

Tough Talk with Boxing Gym director Frederick Wiseman

Documentarian Frederick Wiseman has made a film almost every year since 1967, when his Titicut Follies gave viewers a harrowing look inside an institution for the criminally insane. His latest film, which opened at the new West End Cinema on Friday, is look inside Lord's Gym, the Austin, TX training facility founded by retired boxer Richard Lord. I reached him by phone on Friday afternoon shortly after his arrival in Washington to promote the picture.

Arts Roundup: Be My Jones Edition

GOOD MORNING: Good morning!
ABOUT LAST NIGHT: I saw the Folger's lean—indeed, lean!—take on Henry VIII, and I'd spare you my opinion since usually one doesn't want to weigh in after his critic has, but it turns out I agree with Trey Graham here: weak-sauce Shakespeare, but what an impressive, lavish, slyly innovative production.
Theeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn I stopped [...]

West End Cinema Opening Friday, but Pardon Their Dust

Many movie theater owners probably don't take a personal hand in cleaning and maintenance, but when I arrived at the otherwise drab 2301 M Street NW this morning for a preview of the new West End Cinema, there was co-owner Josh Levin was outside scrubbing the patio clean of construction-related detritus.
Levin, who partnered with the [...]

Arts Roundup: Interactive Map vs. Interactive Map Edition

Good morning! Arena Stage's 2010-2011 season starts today, which means its massive $135 million Mead Center for American theater is open to the public. TBD is doing a huge curtain-raiser today, which includes a chat with Arena's communications director at noon and an interactive map (avec video) of the new facility. How does it compare [...]