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Arts Roundup: Be My Jones Edition

GOOD MORNING: Good morning!
ABOUT LAST NIGHT: I saw the Folger's lean—indeed, lean!—take on Henry VIII, and I'd spare you my opinion since usually one doesn't want to weigh in after his critic has, but it turns out I agree with Trey Graham here: weak-sauce Shakespeare, but what an impressive, lavish, slyly innovative production.
Theeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn I stopped [...]

West End Cinema Opening Friday, but Pardon Their Dust

Many movie theater owners probably don't take a personal hand in cleaning and maintenance, but when I arrived at the otherwise drab 2301 M Street NW this morning for a preview of the new West End Cinema, there was co-owner Josh Levin was outside scrubbing the patio clean of construction-related detritus.
Levin, who partnered with the [...]

Arts Roundup: Interactive Map vs. Interactive Map Edition

Good morning! Arena Stage's 2010-2011 season starts today, which means its massive $135 million Mead Center for American theater is open to the public. TBD is doing a huge curtain-raiser today, which includes a chat with Arena's communications director at noon and an interactive map (avec video) of the new facility. How does it compare [...]