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Photos: What D.C. Looked Like at SXSW

D.C. was well-represented this year at South by Southwest, with a ton of local bands present at showcases like DC Does TX and others. Amid the massive festival's insanity, I caught a sampling of D.C. talent, from These United States and Wild Flag (featuring Mary Timony) to Ted Leo (hey, he lived here for a while) and Bad Brains. Shooting the [...]

WCP Does SXSW: Typewriter, But More Violent Edition

The South by Southwest music conference released the bees Wednesday with a wealth of strong performances, The MTVU Woodies, breezy and overcast weather, and a student-heavy army of cheerful volunteers and the pamphlets they love. But the spiraling lines for daytime events stole the show. South by 2011: The Year of the Free Swag Meltdown.
Keep [...]

WCP Does SXSW: Windian Records Throws Stones

Every March, South by Southwest corrals the music industry in Austin, Texas. Record labels, publicists, and hip blogs program warring bills throughout the Texas capital’s 200 venues; red-eyed bands cram eight gigs into three days. The taco trucks are superb. Everybody’s there.
But Travis Jackson, the owner and founder of Windian Records, is opting out this year.
“Talking [...]

WCP Does SXSW: Typefighter

All week, Arts Desk profiles area artists heading to Texas for the South by Southwest Music Conference, March 15-20.
Ryan McLaughlin’s last band broke up because its singer moved to Austin. When his new band pulls into the city for South by Southwest, it’ll have a floor to crash on. The music conference is the centerpiece of a [...]