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Arts Roundup: All-Wale Everything

[In Jerry Seinfeld voice] What's the deal with Seinfeld collaborating with Wale? [Post]
Washingtonian's profile of Wale touches on all the talking points: The rapper likes sneakers, hates haters, etc. [Washingtonian]
Baltimore City Paper's take on the new Wale album [City Paper]
The Smithsonian Folklife Festival begins TODAY. [Post]
But imagine how much better the Folklife Festival would be on [...]

Arts Roundup: Scientologists Are Just Like Us! Edition

Washingtonian sees a play at the 16th Street Scientology Center, exposing the church's scheme to convert visitors by plying them with free sandwiches [Washingtonian]
Premiering next week: The Sherman House Webisodes, a documentary series about a bunch of roommates in a D.C. group house. Gabriel is the new Puck. [Pink Line Project]
An oral history of Sockets [...]

Arts Roundup: Uncool Edition

Washingtonian's "Women of Fashion" feature includes former Post writer Holly Thomas, now an editor at Refinery29 [Washingtonian]
But despite that, some still think D.C. is uncool [DCist]
DeNeen L. Brown's takeaway from Howard Theatre's ribbon cutting yesterday [Post]
And if you missed the ribbon cutting, you missed out on Robert "Mousey" Thompson and the James Brown Experience Band. [...]

Arts Roundup: Susan Eisenhower Edition

Susan Eisenhower says Frank Gehry's proposed Dwight D. Eisenhower memorial is communist, fascist, and gosh-darn disgraceful. [Post]
"One Life: Amelia Earhart," a year-long exhibit focusing on the legendary American pilot, will open at the Portrait Gallery June 29. [Post]
Wednesday's sold-out Fiona Apple concert has been postponed until March 28. [Sixth & I]
The Washingtonian's website gets a jazzy new [...]

Arts Roundup: Washingtonian Quittin’ Time Edition

Another One Bites the Dust: Does Washingtonian have a retention problem? Kyle Gustafson (disclosure: a former colleague) has announced that he's leaving his post as the magazine's online editor. "It wasn't working out for either party," he tells TBD. His departure comes just five months after he started; the website's previous editor, Sommer Mathis (also a [...]

For Your Viewing Displeasure: “The Real Housewives of D.C.”

So, I'll admit it: I fell asleep before I had the chance to watch last night's premiere of the The Real Housewives of D.C., so I can't offer you my own incisive critique of the show. I have, however, scoured the web for opinions on the first episode, and in general, they're not good.
WaPo's aptly [...]