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Viola Drath’s Cultural Legacy: A Look at the Works of a Murdered D.C. Writer

It’s not hard to see why the alleged murder of socialite and journalist Viola Herms Drath has captured Washingtonians’ imaginations over the last week and a half. She was 91, and the man police have charged with her homicide, her husband Albrecht Gero Muth, is 47. An unemployed German, Muth sometimes wore an eye patch to Washington [...]

Arts Roundup: The What You Know About That Edition

Good morning, everyone. Autumn just stepped in for a visit. Strange, isn't it? Today's forecast calls for a partly sunny day with a high of 70. I swear, it was sweltering just last week—not sure how I feel about all of this.
In case you missed it, the Dance Party is returning to the District, maybe [...]

International Ink: War, Werewolves, Steampunk, Kung Fu, and Cap

The long July 4 weekend lent itself to comics reading, so here are some impressions of some new books. War Is Boring: Bored Stiff, Scared To Death in the World's Worst War Zones, written by David Axe and illustrated by independent editorial cartoonist Matt Bors (New American Library, $12.95), is heavily influenced by Joe Sacco's [...]

The State of the Union for D.C. Newspaper Cartoonists

D.C. newspapers have devoted less space to comics in recent years.
Ladies and gentleman,
As we take stock of this great nation of ours, it is evident that one group is suffering—a surprising group given its mission. Cartoonists are under siege in this great capital of ours.
If we examine who was appearing in our newspapers in [...]

Arts Roundup: I Just Don’t Feel Like Ranting Edition

Good morning! Nothing has pissed me off today! (OK, one thing has: The Washington Post Style section seems to have resumed its coverage of the Salahis. Two articles so far this week! The one from yesterday—argh!—is about how the story won't go away.) So I'll skip the usual morning ramblings and move on to what [...]

Washington Times Thinks It’ll Keep Mary Chapin Carpenter

If the New York Times figures it's worth having Bill Kristol to have angry blog commenters kick around, then it only makes sense for the Washington Times to publish an Obama supporter every once in a while. Last week marked the debut of a column by country singer-songwriter (and former local) Mary Chapin Carpenter, who [...]