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Take It to the Bridge, Week 7: “Maid to Order”

This weekend in the Corcoran bridge: identity politics! Saturday, the Take It to the Bridge series hosts Carolina Mayorga's "Maid in the USA," in which the artist will be engaged in a constant act of tidying up the gallery's entryway.
The performance does something similar to the movie A Day Without a Mexican, drawing attention to residents that [...]

Take It to the Bridge, Week 6: “COLON:Y”

D.C. is awash with paper work. At least that's what "COLON:Y"—a collaboration by artists Wilmer Wilson and Chukwuma Agubokwu—suggests in the sixth installation of Take It to the Bridge at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Their project, the Airborne Leaflet Campaign, will situate upward of half a dozen printers into the museum's bridge performance space, [...]

Take It to the Bridge, Week 4: Kathryn Cornelius

Dress number 3 – too small #needtolosemoreweight

It will be the sound of wedding bells Saturday at the Corcoran during this weekend's installment of "Take It to the Bridge,” the series co-presented by the Washington Project for the Arts: Performance artist Kathryn Cornelius plans to marry (and divorce) seven suitors. It’s a timely piece given all [...]

Take It to the Bridge, Week 3: Jennifer Coster

Unlike last Saturday's sleep performance, the only live element in Jennifer Coster’s installation for the Corcoran's "Take It to the Bridge" series will be the tweeting of birds. "Canaries in McMansionland," on view Aug. 1 through Aug. 5, will feature just that: canaries in a McMansion—or, really, a birdcage made to look like one.

Take It to the Bridge, Week 2: Chajana denHarder

Some artists have probably been accused of sleeping on the job. Saturday, visitors to the Corcoran will see exactly that. As part of the museum's "Take It to the Bridge" series, co-presented by the Washington Project for the Arts, performance artist Chajana denHarder will crawl up into the bridge space above the museum's entrance and [...]

Take It to the Bridge, Week 1: Maya Freelon Asante

Take It to the Bridge, a joint venture between the Washington Project for the Arts and the Corcoran, begins today with an installation by Maya Freelon Asante. Her installation of tissue paper, assembled like a rough patchwork quilt, consumes the space above the entrance to the building. The tissue paper is a part of Asante's ongoing [...]

WPA and the Corcoran, Building a Bridge

The copy editors among us will remember the Washington Project for the Arts\Corcoran (WPA\C), the backslash-abusing acronym for the artist-membership nonprofit organization. Once upon a time, the \C represented the merged interests of the WPA and the Corcoran Gallery of Art. The short history: The WPA launched in 1975, merged with the Corc in 1996 [...]

ToDo ToDay: “Experimental Media,” Whatever That Means

One of the quietest D.C. art programs is also one of its best. The Washington Project for the Arts’ ongoing Experimental Media series, begun in 2006, brings together artists, curators, and new-media nerds for an event that is part exhibition, part movie night. “Experimental media” is sort of a catch-all term for works of art [...]

Molly Ruppert to Receive the WPA’s Alice Denney Award

The Washington Project for the Arts will name Molly Ruppert its 2012 Arts Alice Denney Award for Support of Contemporary Art.
Look on the resume of any working D.C. artist and you're bound to find Ruppert's name on it somewhere. As the director of the Warehouse, a longtime art space and theater in Mount Vernon Square, [...]

IceBox Gift Shop: A Crafty, Local Alternative to Etsy

Washington Project for the Arts' third annual IceBox Gift Shop, running through Dec. 23 at the organization's Dupont Circle office, is here to make your holiday gift-giving a little easier and a lot more creative.
The gift shop is part of WPA's Coup d'Espace series, which provides artists an opportunity to show their work in the WPA [...]