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Holiday Comedy Smackdown! Washington Improv Theater vs. Second City

It's that time of year: Our annual holiday smackdown!

I Rambled on Stage for 20 Minutes and Washington Improv Turned It Into Comedy

WIT's skits were hit or miss, but the cast gets credit for turning off-the-cuff source material into crowd-pleasing moments.

Flings & Arrows: When Actors Enter Showmances

“He looked so cute in that costume.”

ToDo ToDay: Improv Actually, the Dig, and Mirel Wagner

Local rockers dominate the stage tonight.

ToDo ToDay: Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog, (e)merge, and holychild

What helps make Marc Ribot unique among the thousands of high-quality ax slingers performing today are his limitations. He’s a lefty playing right-handed, which means his nondominant hand is strumming and plucking the strings. So when Ribot plays jazz, he’s not smooth; when he plays Cuban music, the roughest edges of the rhythm get highlighted, [...]

ToDo ToDay: Sublime Frequencies, Egg Creams, and “Consensual Sext”

For a record label, Sublime Frequencies’ crate-digging is extreme in its far-reaching trippiness. Since 2003, label cofounders Hisham Mayet and Alan Bishop have collected rare records and made field recordings around the world, then released them in limited editions. But the label doesn’t just offer music. Sublime Frequencies’ folk cinema has captured song and dance [...]

Openings: Maida Withers and Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Even though the holidays are looming, this week's arts openings have managed to stay pretty nonseasonal. But this weekend is also heavy on short performances and shows—I can only assume because of the looming apocalypse. So get out there and enjoy a choreographed pillow fight and a scandalous French play while you still can.
D.C. choreographer [...]

This Could Be Funny: Chris Tucker?

Your next seven days should be filled with laughter. The following could help.
Friday, October 7: Chris Tucker at D.A.R. Constitution Hall
Is he crazy? Is this going to be good? Can anyone verify that Chris Tucker hasn’t completely lost his mind? He’s rejected multimillion dollar film roles, choosing to only star in movies with Jackie Chan [...]

Stayin’ Classy: Arts Highlights from Our Classes Guide

For folks with artistic aspirations, finding arts-related classes in this week's Stay Classy cover package is less obvious than you might think. Arts and Crafts and Performance, sure, but Travel and Culture? Technology? Yep, you just may find the class of your dreams in those categories, too. Below, some places to check out.
Arts and Crafts
Think [...]

Tonight in Theater: iMusical at Source

An improvisational musical is like the proverbial walking dog: The miracle isn’t that it’s done well, but that it’s done at all. With iMusical, Washington Improv Theater trots out a dog that hops, skips, and can-cans for an hour and change of consistently gleeful, new-under-the-sun musical comedy. Here’s how it works: Upon entering the theater, every [...]