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Dan Savage’s Amateur Porn Festival Heads to Woolly Mammoth

“A man, a plan, a butt plug.”
Such reads the description of one of 18 amateur porn films coming to the Woolly Mammoth Theatre next week as part of the HUMP! Tour. The tour comes from the mind of relationship and sex columnist Dan Savage and will bring homemade dirty short films to at least 30 [...]

Crafty Bastards Moving to Union Market

Crafty Bastards, the massive indie arts fair that Washington City Paper has sponsored since 2004, will have a new home this year: Union Market.
The fair, which had set up for the last seven years at the Marie Reed Learning Center in Adams Morgan, will take place Nov. 10 at the new venue. Union Market, opening [...]

Should City Paper Cover More Singer-Songwriters?

While City Paper's punk cred appears to be well intact, the same can't be said of our singer/songwriter cred. Last month, I looked back at the paper's print music coverage in 2011, in the hopes of copping to our biases and identifying genres I felt deserved more of our attention:
Our music coverage remains heavily titled [...]

When Comics Return: A Chat With Shawn Belschwender

Shawn Belschwender honed his cartooning chops in D.C. in the '80s, beginning in George Washington University's student newspaper and then moving over to City Paper. Now he's back. Belschwender's Clowntime Comics stars his character Refrigerator Johnny; which is fondly remembered by many Washingtonians, and will not be appearing in the Post any time soon, at [...]

Should Theater Critics Be Allowed to Tweet an Opinion Before Writing a Review?

I fielded an interesting call last week from a theater in the D.C. area: What, the theater wanted to know, was my policy on critics tweeting?
This was the impetus: One of Washington City Paper's critics saw a play there, reacted strongly during the first act, tweeted about it during intermission, and then sat down for [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: The Hellish Kalorama of Donald Rumsfeld, Carolyn Malachi’s Mermaid Anthem, Cat’s Cradle

This week, Nevin Martell leads the section with "The Devil in Kalorama," for which he toured the well-heeled neighborhood with noted photographer John Gossage—who after realizing he lived near Donald Rumsfeld decided that Kalorama was, in fact, hell. For One Track Mind, Erin Petty talks to Carolyn Malachi about her relationship anthem "Orion," in which a [...]

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Washington City Paper’s Ben Claassen III

Ben Claassen III has been creating a regular comic strip for Washington City Paper for years now; he also illustrates stories and created the logo for our annual Crafty Bastards Arts & Crafts Festival, where he's also been an exhibitor. Ben is speaking this Saturday at the D.C. Public Library's free event "Graphic Content: A [...]

Korean-Language Daily Writes About City Paper Writing About Korean-Language Daily (and Moonies)

See that handsome grey lady? That's today's edition of the Chosun Ilbo, a Fairfax-based Korean-language daily that figures prominently in Mike Paarlberg's story this week about a controversial four-day Kennedy Center concert featuring the Little Angels, the children's song and dance troupe that has been the cultural arm of the Unificification Church since the 1960s. [...]

Malitz vs. Leitko @ St. Ex

Washington Post music critic David Malitz and I have our quarrels, but they tend to be relatively benign—mostly involving Pavement records and rides to concerts. There's no serious beef.
But tonight we're manufacturing a rivalry—because there are no worthy basketball games to watch, because I wanted a reason to change out of my pajamas, and because [...]

The State of the Union for D.C. Newspaper Cartoonists

D.C. newspapers have devoted less space to comics in recent years.
Ladies and gentleman,
As we take stock of this great nation of ours, it is evident that one group is suffering—a surprising group given its mission. Cartoonists are under siege in this great capital of ours.
If we examine who was appearing in our newspapers in [...]