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Arts Roundup: Our Favorite D.C. Musicians Edition

City Paper-approved MC Kokayi goes head to head with his kid son in a freestyle battle. Watch! [Potholes In My Blog]
City Paper-approved guitarist Alex Minoff releases his album. Listen! [Bandcamp]
Bruce Springsteen throws his weight behind President Barack Obama in Virginia, and Rep. Eric Cantor's Democratic opponent in Virginia's 7th Congressional District has an advocate in bluegrass [...]

Arts Roundup: Chompie Edition

The Smithsonian unleashes a visitor's guide app. [Around the Mall]
Doug Aitken's design for a pavilion at the Tate Liverpool museum looks an awful lot like "Song1" at the Hirshhorn [Architect]
Michael Kaiser: How arts organizations can persuade their board members to hit their friends up for money [Huffington Post D.C.]
More photos of the Pussy [...]

ToDo ToDay: Taffety Punk Goes Punk

Most of the time, the second word in Taffety Punk Theatre Company’s name refers strictly to ethos: The troupe is all about doing things cheaply, inventively, and—when it comes to form and subject matter—bravely. But occasionally its productions are more literally punk, which might have something to do with the fact that company principal Marcus [...]

ToDo ToDay: D.C., Bluegrass Capital?

So, bluegrass fans, yes or no: Is D.C. really a bluegrass capital? The D.C. Music Salon says yes—it has been since the 1950s, mostly thanks to a few key groups like The Stoneman Family, The Bluegrass Champs, The Country Gentlemen, and The Seldom Scene. George Washington University faculty member Kip Lornell (who also cowrote The [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Athletic Heroism

Think of the Washington Ballet’s February program as pure hell for the company’s men but a heavenly gift for any D.C. guy in the dog house for botching Valentine’s Day. Lucky be the lady who gets treated to an evening of ballet and Sinatra. Also lucky: local fans of choreographer Twyla Tharp. “Nine Sinatra Songs” [...]

Sugar Plum Senators and Pissed Off Musicians at the Washington Ballet’s Nutcracker

The Washington Ballet’s annual holiday production of The Nutcracker opened last week to both acclaim and protest.  One audience member was particularly impressed: “It was the finest production of the Nutcracker ever performed,” said Senator Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), adding, “My daughter is in it.”  The outgoing chair of the Senate Banking Committee has had more [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: A Musicianless Nutcracker, Penny Starr vs. the Smithsonian, D.C. Emo Returns

Mike Paarlberg is on the cover this week with his close examination of the Washington Ballet's current production of The Nutcracker, which contains exactly zero live musicians. He's also got a review—guess why the production suffers?
Kriston Capps leads the arts section with a look at Penny Starr, the pseudo-journalist who ignited the current controversy over a [...]

So You Like Your Dance Beautiful (If a Little Tame)? VelocityDC Starts Tonight

Granted, it’s not where you go to watch experimental dance. If you’re into seeing people in wacked-out costumes standing in silence for minutes on end, or rolling rolling rolling, or speaking to each other in what might as well be gibberish while moving like boneless creatures—and that stuff can be great, don’t get me wrong—then [...]