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Popped: Cherry Red, D.C.’s Most Debaucherous Theater Troupe, Hangs It Up

One evening in June 2000, in the black-box theater in the recesses of the now-shuttered Metro Café on 14th Street NW, a stuffed cat drenched in fake blood soared over the audience—just as it did every other night during the monthlong run of Cherry Red Productions’ Zombie Attack! But at this particular performance, the sanguinary plush [...]

Meet a New Theater Troupe: Apron Theatre Company

When Apron Theatre Co. premieres Short Aprons: A Production of World Premiere Playettes this Thursday, its members will have only been in their production space for two days. They'll have conducted their previous rehearsals in friends’ homes and apartments. And after all the preparation, they'll finally mount their mini-musical about Chilean miners.
The production, which comprises [...]

Cherry Red Returns With

Do you miss seeing plays with random nudity, audience-dousing fake blood, and Crack in their titles? Then you'll cheer the sorta-return of Cherry Red Productions with, a film about...well, all sorts of bad stuff.
Artistic Director Ian Allen wrote and directed the film, an adaptation of the company's 2002 stage production, Thumbsucker. describes [...]

The Santaland Diaries: This One Goes to Elfin

It is decidedly not the most wonderful time of the year for Macy's Christmas elf Crumpet. In fact, if you so much as look at him the wrong way, he'd invite you to stick that candy cane.