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WAMU Moves Mary Cliff’s Traditions Show to Low-Power Station Bluegrass Country

Looking for music on WAMU? Thanks to a recent shift at the D.C. NPR affiliate, that just got tougher. Last weekend, amid major changes to WAMU 88.5.'s weekend schedule, the American University-based station moved Mary Cliff's Saturday night Traditions program to the significantly tinier Bluegrass Country 105.5 FM.
Last weekend the 50,000-watt station began a transition to a new weekend schedule [...]

WAMU Bluegrass Country Host Tom Reeder Dies at 77

Tom “Cat” Reeder signed off his last show on WAMU’s Bluegrass Country June 19, just as he’d done at the end of every broadcast: “I hope you live as long as you want to, and never want as long as you live.”
Reeder died at 77 in Virginia on Saturday. According to WAMU Senior Music Producer Chris [...]

The Tempest! In! Space!

Ever heard an extraterrestrial speak in Shakespearean prose? Or a sentient computer in iambic pentameter? Thanks to WSC Avant Bard's occasional tradition of mounting the Bard's plays in Klingon, these aren't entirely—ahem—alien concepts to D.C. theatergoers.
The newest member of the local verse-and-Vulcans scene? Lean and Hungry Theater, which presents its newest radio play on WAMU-FM this Sunday [...]

WAMU’s DJ Jerry Gray, 1933-2012

Gerald Poulsen, who under the pseudonym Jerry Gray DJed bluegrass and Western music on WAMU-FM for nearly three decades, passed away last Thursday at 78.  He died of complications from a 1989 heart transplant, according to his son, Mark Poulsen.
Until 2001, Poulsen spun well-known and rare selections on two programs on WAMU: He co-hosted the [...]

Friends Remember the Public and Private Joe Barber

A large crowd packed the DeVol Funeral Home last Wednesday, when friends and family gathered for a memorial service for Joe Barber, the arts critic and broadcast personality who died last month at 53. Local radio and TV personalities, like Arch Campbell, David Burd, Tim Gordon, and Victoria Jones, attended. The room was standing room only. [...]

Arts Roundup: Things That Probably Shouldn’t Be Ranked Edition

Journalism Is Masochism: On the heels of the debut of the first single by Real Housewife-fameball-gatecrasher-other-trashy-hyphenate Michaele Salahi, TBD's Sarah Godfrey put herself through the unenviable task of listening to every song released by cast members of the Real Housewives franchise and lived to tell the world. Shockingly, Salahi's "Bump It" ranks as the second-best [...]

Does Go-Go Hurt Property Values?

Earlier this week, WAMU's DCentric blog interviewed me about my story about punk and go-go shows. In that piece, I reported that it took Eckington residents a year to shut down a punk venue, and just a week to quash a go-go show, as WAMU's Anne Hoffman nicely summarizes it.  And that conversation got me thinking: [...]