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Arts Roundup: Pho Dog 1, Records 0 Edition

Is food fetishism displacing rock fetishism? [Post]
Gatsby film prompts visits to F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald's graves in Rockville. [Post]
Walt Whitman's Civil War-era shoulder bag will go on display at Library of Congress. [Post]
How are orchestras weathering today's cultural economy? [Post]
Kennedy Center President Michael Kaiser throws the first pitch at Nationals Park. [Post]
National Harbor opens a [...]

Roald Dahl Typed Here

"There’s a richer literary history here than we usually give ourselves credit for," says Kim Roberts, a D.C. poet who's spent the last five years gathering evidence to prove that point. Last week, Roberts and collaborator Dan Vera, a poet and author, launched, an impressive compendium of more than 120 dead authors who called the [...]

Corcoran’s New NOW Series Will Meditate on D.C.—So Why Are Its Artists from New York?

The Corcoran has just announced a new contemporary program called NOW at the Corcoran, a series of one- and two-artist exhibitions that presents new work addressing issues central to the local, national, and global communities of Washington, D.C.
Which is an interesting concept, since the series launches on Sept. 11 with Spencer Finch, a Brooklyn-based artist, [...]

Kristian Matsson: The Tallest Man in Folk?

I got some flack from a friend the other week when I all but anointed local boy Joe Pug the savior of folk music. His counterargument—aside from my insinuation being broad to the point of inanity—was a Swedish rambler by the name of Kristian Matsson, otherwise known as The Tallest Man on Earth. Matsson opened [...]

Can Joe Pug Save Folk Music?

Social commentary, especially in music, is a tricky act: too blunt, audience rolls its eyes; too fine, audience scratches its head. "Whitman once explained that poetry's not supposed to confuse people," Joe Pug–local boy and folk icon-in-waiting–said in an interview last summer. At the same time, musicians that merely trot out talking points or shout [...]