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Vitamin A: Luis Silva’s “Untitled”

In which one of our art critics highlights a favorite work on view in a local gallery.
Luis Silva's newest works at G Fine Art are inspired by a fable he authored while simultaneously working on the paintings, all annoyingly "untitled." At its root, the work of "Untitled" (wolf in ass' skin) is unapologetically an [...]

Library of Congress’ “Molto Animato!” Exhibit Is Hardly Vivace

"Molto Animato! Music and Animation," a small exhibit in the Library of Congress' Madison building, attempts to show how "moving images have always appeared more fluid and expressive when accompanied by music." To continue quoting from its Web site, "Molto Animato ('very animated'), juxtaposes music scores, lyrics, and drawings with film clips and sound recordings [...]

This Week in Film

Zombies, roller derby, schmaltz, and Michael Moore. Another avalanche of openings this weekend, and—shockingly—most of them are worth your while. Summer's officially over!
Zombieland: Think there are no more zombie-related stories or jokes to tell? So did I. Which is why this very entertaining film is such a surprise. Fun fact: Remember Woody Harrelson's tussle with [...]