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ToDo ToDay: Coeurs, Drenge, and Airport Half-Smokes

As part of the National Gallery of Art's series on the work of the late French director Alain Resnais, the museum has partnered with the French embassy to show Coeurs, Resnais’ lighthearted mélange of 50 short scenes based on the 2004 Alan Ayckbourn play Public Fears in Private Places. The screening comes just prior to the U.S. release of [...]

ToDo ToDay: “Modern American Realism,” World Stages Theater Festival, and Walk the Plank

According to 20th century painter and art collector Sara Roby, the best way to celebrate American visual art was to showcase pieces by actively working artists. So that's what she did beginning in the mid-1950s, collecting art by realist painters like Edward Hopper, Philip Evergood, and Paul Cadmus, and displaying it at public art museums. [...]