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Stop Covering “Waiting Room”

Last night, Arcade Fire played D.C. and straightforwardly covered "Waiting Room." Everyone knew Arcade Fire would cover "Waiting Room," because the band has been playing city-appropriate covers throughout its current arena tour, and obviously they were going to cover "Waiting Room." Because "Waiting Room."
Here is a list of 10 bands that have covered "Waiting Room." One of [...]

Is Buffalo Swagger-Jacking D.C. Punk?

There is now a club in Buffalo, N.Y., named after Fugazi's "Waiting Room"—unless, that is, it's named after Genesis' "The Waiting Room." Buffalo News music critic Jeff Miers is betting on the former:
“But I don’t sit idly by/I’m planning a big surprise/I’m gonna fight for what I want to be/And I won’t make the same [...]

Tonight at Silverdocs: Ice Cream and Health Care

At last night's Silverdocs opening party at the Fillmore Silverdocs, a band called The Reagan Years played gusto-fueled, very competent versions of '80s hits I had no desire to hear. Neal Schon, the Journey guitarist who attended the screening of Don't Stop Believin' across the street at the AFI Silver only to skip the talk-back, was [...]