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ToDo ToDay: Video Game Art and Tons of Live Music

Any parent knows the value of the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s “Art of Video Games” exhibit: It’s state-subsidized baby-sitting. There’s at least an hour’s worth of bliss waiting for the ADHD set, from playable games—a list limited to five rather fusty titles, including “Myst” and “Pac-Man”—to presentations on five eras of graphics. For art viewers, [...]

Don’t Be Bored: WaPo Wraps Up the Year

Back in the days when the print edition was the only edition, “The List” in the Washington Post Style section was required reading. Where else could you get such a mixture of knowing snark and up-to-date cultural memes? Wrapping your hungover brain around the entries was a regional ritual. Now, of course, knowing snark and cultural [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Burberry-Clad

For a pair of mildly funky dudes, D.C.- and Berlin-based producers Benoit & Sergio have pretty aristocratic taste. In a recent feature for the website Magnetic, the gents behind this year’s fabulous “Principles”/“Everybody” EP take readers on a tour of Washington, keeping a little too close to the Burberry-clad sections of town: To Benoit, Dupont [...]

Outputmessage Is on a Hot Streak

The members of disco trio Volta Bureau can claim credit for a lot of hot shit this year. Together, the Will Eastman/Micah Velian/Outputmessage ensemble has released a slew of blissed out dance anthems, culminating in the infectious single "Hope." Before that, in April, Eastman and Micah Vellian took a cool Italo turn with the single "No [...]

Arts Roundup: Love Cubed Edition

Bureau of Awesome: WaPo's Megan Buerger hits up Saturday's Artisphere party, where she declares Volta Bureau's live debut a success. The group features local DJ-producers Will Eastman, Outputmessage, and Micah Vellian. Extra props to the vocals, courtesy of Outputmessage (aka Bernard Farley). Buerger writes: "Toward the beginning, Farley’s digitally teased voice was so soft — a [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Trans Am, Dick Gregory

Can an LP-length joke be considered a classic? Trans Am got more serious and more sinister following its recently reissued 1999 album Futureworld, but it’s hard to think of an example from their discography more worthy of being performed in full. The album more or less does to the futurism of ’70s Krautpop what Mad Men does [...]

Bluebrain’s “Living House,” Explored

I arrived at 1337 H St. NE a few minutes late on Friday, and I was pretty sure I wouldn't get in. Spots to see Bluebrain's latest conceptual project, "Living House," filled up pretty soon after it was first announced. I apologized to the clipboard-wielding guardian at the door, and I was lucky enough to nab an [...]

Will Eastman Releases Jack DJ Mix

"We grew up in vastly divergent places, but we all grew up with the disco sound ingrained deeply," says Wisconsin native Will Eastman, one third of local production team Volta Bureau (mentioned on this blog a couple times recently). The trio, which includes Philippines-born Micah Vellian (Miguel Lacsamana) and New York-born Outputmessage (Bernard Farley), kicks off a busy fall schedule [...]

Bluebrain Hosts Benefit at 1337 H Street

Imaginative local duo Bluebrain is gearing up to host a benefit for the new artist space located at 1337 H Street NE.
The 7900 square-foot space, located between the H Street Country Club and Dangerously Delicious Pies, was formerly occupied by American West Indian Auto Body. The building is owned by none other than restaurant owner and [...]

Micah Vellian Handles the “Drama” of U.S. Royalty

We had to chuckle yesterday when we heard Micah Vellian's remix of "Equestrian" by D.C. pop-rockers U.S. Royalty. Vellian (one-third of Volta Bureau) didn't try to scale back the unreformed haughtiness of the original; instead he candies the song's hooks with a dance-pop beat. We asked him about his artistic choices. His reply:
U.S. Royalty commissioned [...]