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Don’t Be Bored: Short Garage-Rock Songs, Short Films

Let us take a moment to discuss a frequently maligned band. After their amelodic left turn of a sophomore album, Vivian Girls returned this year with Share the Joy, which is varied and energetic and most importantly full of earworms. It's also a pretty nice marriage of its member's side-projects, The Babies and La Series [...]

Bruise Cruise: Señor Frog’s

We’ve been on a boat all weekend—it begs constant acknowledgement. And to be sure, there is plenty meta-commentary. Ian Svenonius is almost nothing but.
My favorite such moment comes Saturday night, midway through the Bruise Cruise’s stop at Señor Frog’s, the garish cancer of a tourist destination that is host to the weekend’s biggest musical showcase. [...]

I’m On a Boat

They will have heard the caveman clangs and reverb, booming through anodyne walls. They will have smelled the sweat and stale beer, lurking under doors and through hallways. They will have triple-taked at the Vivian Girls' cheeseburger and cassette-tape tattoos. And they will have wondered: What the fuck are these punks doing on my vacation?[]
When [...]

Reviewed: Cassie Ramone and Kevin Morby’s The Babies

Vivian Girls’ Cassie Ramone has maxed out her credit, and the exact moment it happened occurs one minute and ten seconds into “Run Me Over,” the opening song on the self-titled debut (Shrimper Records) of her side-project, The Babies. Her Babies buddy, Kevin Morby, taking a break from his main gig as the bassist [...]

Ian Svenonius: Naval God

It's official: Cruise ships are now akin to public utilities. The industry is no longer worth viewing with irony or suspicion. The boats go out and they come back. There might be rock 'n' roll on some of the boats, there might not be. On at least one of the boats, Ian Svenonius will be [...]

Festival Watch: Smell Anniversary Fest, Sounds Like Brooklyn, Noise Pop

Neon Hates You/Smell Anniversary Fest: The Smell is the sort of DIY space that makes a scene. All ages, with a bent toward the experimental and interesting, this L.A. spot is about to mark its 12th anniversary with a weekend festival (Jan. 22 and 23) that seems heavy on the stuff [...]

M. Ward at Sixth & I Historic Synagogue

For many, Matt Ward is best known as one half of She & Him, the indie-folk duo Zooey Deschanel (the Ward's other half in the band) foisted into the limelight last March. But to those who know better, M. Ward is the Fahey-following, finger-plucking guitar hero whose jaw-dropping performance Saturday night silenced the sold-out crowd [...]

Music 2008: Indie Rock Rediscovers The Joys Of Tape Hiss

In a good way, indie rock got smaller in 2008.
D.C. rediscovered its love for vinyl (the story of the year is the resurgence of the mom-and-pop record store). A neighborhood—Mount Pleasant—stood up against anti-live-music NIMBYs. Even a local band or two seemed to surprise all of us (Deleted Scenes).
There's a new underground, a real underground, [...]

Music 2008: Red Onion Goes To 11

Josh Harkavy, owner of the record/book store Red Onion, e-mailed me this: his favorite, or some of his favorite records of the year.
Josh explains: "This is by no means a top 11 list, just 11 albums I listened to a lot in 2008.
Let me know if you need more info or anything. I hope you don't mind [...]